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Announcement form December, 2010

National Park Hearing in Philadelphia on Whether to Extend the Lewis and Clark Trail!

An extraordinary opportunity is coming your way on December 7, 2010
This is your chance to extend the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail (LCNHT) from "Sea to Shining Sea" by including many sites located in states east of the Mississippi River. These states, commonly known as the Eastern Legacy, are along the route followed by Lewis and Clark during the Preparation and Return Phases of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This section includes locations such as Monticello, Washington, D.C., Harpers Ferry, Pittsburgh, Frederick, Lancaster and numerous places along the Ohio River. Most importantly Philadelphia will become an official site on the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. You can make this happen. Please attend the meeting listed below. Your attendance AND testimony at this meeting are vital to the successful extension of the LCNHT. Come prepared to make your views known. YOUR VOICE MUST BE HEARD. Tell your colleagues about the meeting and get them to join you.

For more information, visit the National Park Service website where you will find a complete list of all the meetings in the National Park Service Eastern Legacy Special Resource Study. This site also has a newsletter about the study and five questions that need to be answered. Answers to the questions must be sent no later than the end of December 2010 and can be answered online.

This meeting will be successful and we will achieve our objective of a coast-to-coast Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail if you take an active role in publicizing and in attending this meeting. Remember heritage tourism has a great positive economic impact. This is an opportunity that WILL NOT COME AGAIN!!!!

Click on the two documents below that will give you some talking points to bring up at the meeting.
Trail Completion - Jim Mallory
Trail Completion - Frank Muhly

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