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Essays on the city of Philadelphia's role in the Expedition and full-length articles about Lewis's mentors

Contributions of Philadelphia to Lewis and Clark History
by Paul Russell Cutright

Part II-- Postlude (1804 - 1814)

  1. Lewis returns to Philadelphia in 1807 to find a publisher
  2. Lewis meets with Dr. Benjamin Smith Barton
  3. Lewis meets Bernard McMahon and Frederick Pursch, botanist
  4. Lewis and Charles Willson Peale
  5. Lewis and Alexander Wilson, ornithologist
  6. Lewis and Charles B.J.F. de St. Memin and John James Barralet
  7. Lewis seeks help in correcting his errors in latitude and longitude
  8. Lewis's air rifle
  9. Lewis attends meetings of the American Philosophical Society
  10. Lewis's activities in Philadelphia-- recorded and conjectured
  11. Lewis finds a publisher and organizes plans for the publication
  12. The 1814 edition-- what would Lewis have thought of it?
  13. Far-reaching and consequential results of Lewis's time in Philadelphia
  14. Lewis and his friend Mahlon Dickerson
  15. William Clark arrives in Philadelphia in 1810
  16. Nicholas Biddle undertakes the editing of the journals
  17. Biddle meets with Clark in Virginia
  18. Biddle writes a prospectus describing the format of the publication
  19. Obstacles to publication
  20. Paul Allen takes over publication
  21. The journals are published at last
  22. Responses to the publication of the Journals
  23. Jefferson's efforts to complete the publication
  24. Clark asks Biddle to dispose of the papers as Jefferson directed; Biddle delays
  25. Nicholas Biddle, man of many accomplishments

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