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Contributions of Philadelphia to Lewis and Clark History
Part IV-- 1803-1814 Addresses of Philadelphians who Befriended Lewis and Clark

by Paul Russell Cutright

John James Barralet, 46 Filbert Street

Benjamin Smith Barton, 184 Mulberry Street

Nicholas Biddle, 150 Chestnut Street(1)

Bradford & Inskeep, 4 South Third Street

John Conrad, 30 Chestnut Street

Mahlon Dickerson, 22 South Sixth Street

William Hamilton, Woodlands(2)

Isaiah Lukens, 173 High [Market](3) Street

Bernard McMahon, 39 South Second Street

Robert Patterson, University Yard, South 9th Street

Charles Willson Peale, Fifth below Chestnut

Benjamin Rush, corner, Walnut and Fourth Streets

Israel Whelan, Market and Fourth Streets

Alexander Wilson, Gray's Ferry(4 )

Caspar Wistar, corner, Prune(5) and Fourth Streets

(1) 150 Chestnut Street was the home of Charles Biddle, Nicholas Biddle's father. In 1810, when Clark first met Biddle, the latter, only recently returned from Europe, and unmarried, probably resided with his parents at this address.

(2) "Woodlands," situated west of the Schuylkill River, and therefore beyond the city limits, does not appear in City Directories of the early 1800s.

(3) George H. Eckhardt. Pennsylvania Clocks and Watchmakers N.Y., 1955, indicates this address for Lukens for the years 1818-1829. We have no location for him for the years 1803 -1814.

(4) Gray's Ferry, like "Woodlands," was west of the Schuylkill River.

(5) Prune, also spelled Pruen, is now Locust Street,

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