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Essays on the city of Philadelphia's role in the Expedition and full-length articles about Lewis's mentors

Contributions of Philadelphia to Lewis and Clark History
by Paul Russell Cutright

Part I-- Prelude (1803)

  1. Introduction and Credits
  2. The mission of Meriwether Lewis in Philadelphia
  3. President Jefferson writes to five mentors about instructing Lewis
  4. Jefferson's letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush, a mentor
  5. Lewis's Mission (on his way to Philadelphia) in Harper's Ferry: Ordering Equipment
  6. Lewis's mission in Harper's Ferry: the iron boat
  7. Lancaster's Andrew Ellicott, mentor
  8. Lewis and Ellicott
  9. Lewis in Lancaster: ordering weapons
  10. Lewis travels to Philadelphia: May, 1803
  11. The city of Philadelphia in 1803
  12. The Philadelphia Museum and Charles Willson Peale
  13. Two showplaces: Woodlands and Bartram's Garden
  14. Philadelphia in May, 1803: weather and news
  15. Lewis and Robert Patterson, mentor
  16. Lewis gathers reference books for the Expedition
  17. Lewis purchases navigational instruments
  18. Why wasn't a physician assigned to the Expedition?
  19. Lewis and Benjamin Rush, mentor
  20. Dr. Rush's "abstract inquiries" about American Indians
  21. Dr. Rush writes to Jefferson: June, 1803
  22. Dr. Rush's suggestions for "the preservation of Lewis's health"
  23. Lewis purchases medical supplies
  24. Lewis and Clark's background in healing
  25. Benjamin Smith Barton, mentor
  26. Lewis and Dr. Barton
  27. Some books carried by Lewis and Clark
  28. Lewis and Clark as Linguistic Pioneers
  29. Jefferson sends Lewis a draft of the instructions for the mentors
  30. Caspar Wistar, mentor
  31. Lewis and Dr. Wistar
  32. Israel Whelan, supplier
  33. Whelan's purchases for the Expedition
  34. General William Irvine, supplier
  35. Problem: transporting supplies to Pittsburgh
  36. When exactly was Lewis in Philadelphia in 1803?
  37. Lewis has successfully outfitted the Expedition
  38. Lewis leaves Philadelphia with "quickened pulse, bounding enthusiasm, and heightened determination"


Updated August 26, 2001