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Resources for information about the entire Lewis and Clark Expedition

Explore Websites about Philadelphia's Treasures

Academy of Natural Sciences
Botanical specimens collected in the Lewis and Clark Herbarium

The American Philosophical Society

The Athenaem

  • The Athenaem
    home of Lewis's telescope (not yet shown on this site)
  • Athenaeum
    on the Virtual Tour of Historic Philadelphia

Historical Society of Pennsylvania
location of "Memorandum of Specimens and Antiques," Charles Willson Peale's list of Lewis and Clark accessions

Library Company of Philadelphia
has Benjamin Rush's History of Louisiana by Antoine Le Page Du Pratz with an inscription by Meriwether Lewis, who carried it on the Expedition

St. Peter's Episcopal Church

  • St. Peter's Episcopal Church
    graveyard contains the graves of Charles Willson Peale and Nicholas Biddle and a row of osage orange trees grown from seeds or cuttings sent by Lewis to Bernard McMahon.
  • St. Peter's Church
    on the Virtual Tour of Historic Philadelphia

Second Bank of the United States

the home of Nicholas Biddle

the home built in 1728 by James Logan, who had been designated by William Penn to execute the concepts envisioned for Philadelphia and Pennsylvania; Lewis visited the Logan family frequently in 1803.

Other Places of Historic Interest

The home of Caspar Wistar

Independence National Historic Park

Bartram's Garden

  • Historic Bartram's Garden
    the oldest botanical garden in America. William Bartram, too old to go on the Expedition, probably received plants and seeds from the explorers.
  • Bartram's Garden
    on the Virtual Tour of Historic Philadelphia

Benjamin Franklin National Memorial
located inside the Franklin Institute

The National Constitution Center

Places of Interest in the Eastern United States

Home of Andrew Ellicott
in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where a historical marker has been erected.

Harper's Ferry National Historical Park
This section of the site describes Lewis's work there in 1803.

Virginia Military Institute
Lewis and Clark's air rifle is pictured and explained.

The Smithsonian Institution
has William Clark's compass.

Updated January 25, 2004