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Lewis and Clark in the News- June 24, 2004

WILLIAM Clark...Explorer's descendants abide in Liberty
Gladstone Sun News - Gladstone, MO, USA
... Meriwether Lewis and Clark, on orders from President Thomas Jefferson, led an expedition of discovery up the Missouri River from St. ...

CORPS of Discovery exhibit visits Bell Hall
Fort Leavenworth Lamp - Fort Leavenworth, KS, USA
An exhibit highlighting the Corps of Discovery expedition led by Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark was displayed June 17 in Bell Hall.

AREA readies for Lewis & Clark events
Fort Leavenworth Lamp - Fort Leavenworth, KS, USA
On July 4, 1804, the first Independence Day west of the Mississippi River was celebrated by Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and the Corps of Discovery with a ...

STILLWATER issues commemorative palladium coin - 24th June 2004
Platinum today - UK
Stillwater Mining has unveiled plans for a new commemorative palladium coin designed to mark the exploits of explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. ...

TROUTDALE celebrates its link to the Corps of Discovery ...
Oregonian - Portland, OR, USA
... Dispatched in 1804 by President Thomas Jefferson to explore territory acquired from France in the Louisiana Purchase, captains Meriwether Lewis and William ...

WHEN history calls, re-enactors answer
Kansas City Star (subscription) - Kansas City, MO, USA
... Louis suburb, is spending nearly six months re-enacting the leg of the trip that Meriwether Lewis and William Clark experienced in 1804.

PSU offers tours on Lewis & Clark's impact - Bend, OR, USA
... will examine the history of the Oregon Territory and the State of Oregon during the period following the 1804-06 expedition led by Meriwether Lewis and William ...

SEAMAN, the Discovery Dogs public art program now on display at ...
Sioux City Journal - Sioux City, IA, USA
... The 5-foot tall fiberglass version of Meriwether Lewis's Newfoundland dog, Seaman, are the latest in the art center's public art projects.

PALLADIUM coin honors Lewis and Clark
Billings Gazette - Billings, MT, USA
... substantial. The Lewis and Clark commemorative palladium coin represents a piece of history molded from a rare local resource. That ...

June 24, 2004