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Lewis and Clark in the News- June 11, 2004

TRAVELING Lewis and Clark Exhibit makes stop in Lansing
Munster Times - Munster, IN, USA
LANSING -- Like the great explorers Lewis and Clark, Walter and Margaret Dunse have embarked on a road trip expected to last more than two years.

NATIONAL Park Service Grants Help Montana State Parks Prepare For ...
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Park - Montana, USA
State Parks recently received $85,000 from the National Park Service to make improvements for visitors during the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial
celebration. ...

BRIGHTON-AREA Clarks take pride in their explorer ancestor
Ann Arbor News - Ann Arbor, MI, USA
... Mo., with his family and numerous relatives for the ceremonial issuance of three postage stamps honoring William Clark and his partner, Meriwether
Lewis. ...

CHILDREN discover the magic of the pioneer era
Tiffin Advertiser Tribune - Tiffin, OH, USA
Explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark encountered the magic of previously undiscovered vistas as they journeyed along to Missouri River 200 years ago. ...

SMOKEY Bear poster earns girl national tip of the hat
Charlottesville Daily Progress - Charlottesville, VA, USA
... contest. It eventually won honorable mention. "It was exciting,"said Claire, a pupil at Meriwether Lewis Elementary.

REPORT says sage grouse are holding their own but face serious ...
Environmental News Network - Berkeley, CA, USA
... Experts believe as many as 2 million sage grouse inhabited the West when explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark first noted the birds in 1805. ...

SIGNIFICANT steps taken in forward-looking year
Harvard University Gazette - Cambridge, MA, USA
... doing an inventory of the Oceania storerooms, Peabody Museum staff find a rare American Indian bear claw necklace acquired by Meriwether Lewis, William Clark ...

June 11, 2004