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Lewis and Clark in the News- April 10, 2004

HISTORIC journey: Cody man to walk Lewis-Clark route
Billings Gazette - Billings, MT, USA
... Packing his favorite edition of the Lewis and Clark journals, Gertsch will leave from St. Louis May 14, the same day Lewis and Clark ...

SCHOLARS suspect Sacagawea's illness was pregnancy
Springfield News Leader - Springfield, MO, USA
... a Shoshone Indian teenager when she, her husband, French-Canadian fur trader Toussaint Charbonneau, and their infant son joined Meriwether Lewis and William ...

MORE sea lions at Bonneville buffet
Oregonian - Portland, OR, USA
... He said Meriwether Lewis and William Clark made note of large groups of seals and sea lions farther upriver than where Bonneville Dam is today.

April 10, 2004