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Lewis and Clark in the News- April 2, 2004

ST. Louis brewery has Lewis and Clark brew
Washington Times - Washington, DC, USA
... Louis brewery is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 1904 World's Fair and the centennial of the Lewis and Clark expedition. ...

FORT Clatsop is Lewis and Clark history headquarters
Seattle Times - Seattle, WA, USA
One of the most evocative of the country's many Lewis and Clark historic sites is tucked away in the dank woods of northwest Oregon: the Fort Clatsop
National ...

RETRACING the Lewis and Clark route from boat to bike and ...
Seattle Times - Seattle, WA, USA
By The Washington Post and Seattle Times Travel staff. You can put together your own trip along the Lewis and Clark route. Or a multitude ...

RIVERBOAT cruise follows explorers' path along the Columbia
Seattle Times - Seattle, WA, USA
... At the end of their 1804-1806 expedition from Missouri to the mouth of the Columbia River and back, explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark canoed along ...

CHRISTIAN'S book tells story of Midwest before arrival of Lewis ...
Pittsburg Morning Sun - Pittsburg, KS, USA
... I am really intrigued by the death of Meriwether Lewis and then the great difficulty that occurred in getting the journals published after his death. ...

RIVER'S low, but tourism's rising
Aberdeen American News - Aberdeen, SD, USA
... Reviewing 2003 in her mind, Delphine recalled several people who lodged at the business because they were following the route of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark...

April 2, 2004