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Lewis and Clark in the News- August 16-17, 2004

LEWIS and Clark Document to be Unveiled in OKC
Tulsa Native American Times - Tulsa, OK, USA
With all the hoopla about the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, it seems almost fitting that a piece of that history become a part of ...

CARTOGRAPHER'S final project maps new ideas on Lewis and Clark
Oregonian - Portland, OR, USA
... It was the third and final volume of his Lewis and Clark trail maps-- an authoritative detailing that would provide a scholarly foundation for this year's ...

PILGRIMAGE to the ancestral fort
Oregonian - Portland, OR, USA
FORT CLATSOP NATIONAL MEMORIAL -- Just before William Clark and Meriwether Lewis left Fort Clatsop in March 1806 and began their eastward journey back home ...

IN MY OPINION Gordon Smith
Oregonian - Portland, OR, USA
Even before Meriwether Lewis and William Clark explored the Columbia River in 1805, the waterway was the backbone of trade and livelihood in thePacific ...

August 17, 2004