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Lewis and Clark in the News- August 15, 2004

CONFLUENCE numbers strong
Williston Daily Herald - Williston, ND, USA
... The guests ask thorough questions, focusing on Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, where the confluence is and how much the river has changed,
Hesser said. ...

Kansas City Star (subscription) - Kansas City, MO, USA
... Meriwether Lewis, whose mother was an herbalist, would have been credited with many, many more plant finds if his hidden cache hadn't been destroyed by a flood ...

FISH Camp II tells tale of explorers' fishing experience
Sioux City Journal - Sioux City, IA, USA
... Goodier said. It is believed that in 1804 Captains Meriwether Lewis' and William Clark's group fished in the Omaha Creek. Rather ...

DESCENDANTS of Lewis and Clark expedition reunite (subscription) - Portland, OR, USA
... weeks. Meriwether Lewis, who died in 1809, had no known direct descendants, but 40 descendants of his close relatives, were there. ...

THE home that Jefferson built
San Bernardino Sun - San Bernardino, CA, USA
... There are also items collected in the West by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, whose expedition Jefferson commissioned as president. ...

TOUR of the trail
Port Huron Times Herald - Port Huron, MI, USA
... Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were directed by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the vast unknown lands west of the Mississippi River and across the ...

CANINE has a leg up in lodging world
Los Angeles Daily News - Los Angeles, CA, USA
... branched out into Labradors, spaniels, shepherds and sheep dogs, even carving a series of chainsaw sculptures depicting Seaman, Meriwether Lewis' beloved pet ...

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August 15, 2004