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Lewis and Clark in the News- July 25, 2004

DISCOVERY Expedition re-enactors sail West - Springfield, MO, USA
... He munched on a chicken leg. He spoke of his leaders, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, and their mission to explore the vast Louisiana Purchase territory. ...

MONTANA digest
Billings Gazette - Billings, MT, USA
The Montana Army National Guard soldier who plans to portray explorer Meriwether Lewis over the next two years has received an honorary commission ...

DEMOCRATS visit key states
Seattle Times - Seattle, WA, USA
... Steps from the Missouri River, Kerry talked of the adventuresome spirit of explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and the need for ordinary Americans to ...

35 years later, a few small steps
Fort Worth Star Telegram (subscription) - Fort Worth, TX, USA
... Bush wants Americans back on the moon by 2015 -- the first step in a new era of exploration that he compares to Meriwether Lewis and William Clark's journey of ...

Hudson Sun - Marlborough, MA, USA
Deeds and bills signed by Peter Stuyvesant and Meriwether Lewis document the commercial motives that drove Western progress. ...

KERRY Accentuates Positive, Eliminates Negative
Reuters - USA
... on the banks of the Missouri River, Kerry tied his plan to build "a stronger America" to the same hope and optimism that inspired Meriwether Lewis and William ...

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July 25, 2004