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Lewis and Clark in the News- July 23, 2004

SHELDON begins reading program with Lewis and Clark theme
Iroquois County Times-Republic - Watseka, IL, USA
The program follows the theme, "Explore the Reading Trail" and each week activities will center around the journey Lewis and Clark made
to the Pacific. ...

PLANNERS ready for Lewis and Clark festival
Omaha World Herald - Omaha, NE, USA
Vic Gutman rallied the troops planning next week's Lewis and Clark invasion of the Omaha beachhead. "We're ready ...

PARK to be renamed for Lewis and Clark
Hillsboro Argus - Hillsboro, OR, USA
Fort Clatsop National Memorial Park will be expanded and renamed the Lewis and Clark National and Historical Park under legislation passed this week
by the US ...

LEWIS and Clark exhibit is a lot to absorb in
Omaha Reader - Omaha, NE, USA
... It begins with Spanish and British exploration in the 1700s and continues through the journeys of Lewis and Clark, Zebulon Pike, Stephen Long, Charles
Wilkes ...

LEWIS & Clark by Rail
Winston Salem Journal - Winston-Salem, NC, USA
... the grumblers. Enter Meriwether Lewis, Jefferson's personal secretary, and Lewis' former army comrade, William Clark. Barkon said

THE Montana Standard
Montana Forum - Montana, USA
... Capt. Meriwether Lewis during a full-scale and real-time reenactment of the expedition of 1803-1806. "It is appropriate," said Gov.

ON national tour, Kerry's ready for his close-up
Dallas Morning News (subscription) - Dallas, TX, USA
... Kerry aides said they picked the spot because Meriwether Lewis and William Clark stopped there during their exploration of the Louisiana Purchase. ...

YOUTH crews clear route to Sulphur Springs
Great Falls Tribune - Great Falls, MT, USA
... Meriwether Lewis collected sulphur water to cure gastric distress suffered by Sacagawea, the expedition's young Indian interpreter. ...

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Park - Montana, USA
... They bear names related to Captains William Clark and Meriwether Lewis and the Lewis and Clark expedition based on Clark‚s identification of the trout at the ...

SPECIAL August Events At Montana's State Parks
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Park - Montana, USA
... 1289. Tim McNeil, historian, actor and avid canoeist, presents Canoes of Lewis and Clark, while portraying Meriwether Lewis.

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July 23, 2004