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Lewis and Clark in the News- July 19, 2004

RELIVING Lewis and Clark: Up the Missouri Beyond Kansas
National Geographic - USA
... climb the mast. Mandrell one day made an oar, from scratch. (Lewis and Clark had to do this periodically as well.). In between cities ...

AMTRAK puts education on track with history lessons
USA Today - USA
... the grumblers. Enter Meriwether Lewis, Jefferson's personal secretary, and Lewis' former Army comrade, William Clark. Barkon said ...

EVERGREEN School District granted state dollars
The Columbian - Vancouver, WA, USA
... It will include a canoe carrying Meriwether Lewis' slave, York (the school's namesake), along with "spelling" bees carrying the letters "YORK" and stair steps ...

PRIEST blesses boaters for safe traveling
Alton Telegraph - Alton, IL, USA
... A "dog" made of black cloth with a red tongue -- the kind Meriwether Lewis took on the historic trip -- was displayed in the bow and a "cannon" faced forward. ...

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July 19, 2004