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Lewis and Clark in the News- July 6, 2004

BICENTENNIAL Bus will stop locally
Edwardsville Intelligencer - Edwardsville, IL, USA
The Illinois Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Mobile Interpretive Center will roll into Glazebrook Park in Godrey Saturday, July 10, as part of the planned ...

Charleston Sunday Gazette Mail - Charleston, WV, USA
In 1804, George Clark and Meriwether Lewis packed up their supplies in Harpers Ferry and set out to cross the continent. ...

MISSOURI animals and Corps of Discovery
Maryville Daily Forum - Maryville, MO, USA
... Under the shared command of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, the expedition started upriver from the Woods River, Illinois, winter quarters on May 14, 1804. ...

KEEPING public lands open
Washington Times - Washington, DC, USA
... Meriwether Lewis as he and the rest of the Corps of Discovery made its way west through lands never before seen by American citizens. ...

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July 6, 2004