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Lewis and Clark in the News- June 27, 2004

STATUES of explorers to greet ND tourists
Winston Salem Journal - Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Statues of Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and Mandan Chief Sheheke are waiting to greet visitors celebrating their historic meeting.

ANNIVERSARY of Lewis and Clark
KOTA - Rapid City, SD, USA
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark started up the Missouri over 200 years ago, about to embark on an adventure, and today the Sierra Club and other
nature ...

IN Missouri, early trials unify crew
Kansas City Star (subscription) - Kansas City, MO, USA
... Meriwether Lewis, just two days out of St. Charles, nearly died while scaling a 300-foot cliff. He caught himself by sticking his knife in the cliff. ...

2004 Fair Saint Louis has special meaning with centennial gala
Indianapolis Star - Indianapolis, IN, USA
... returned to St. Louis in 1806. Many items are on loan from the families of William Clark and Meriwether Lewis. The exhibit's emphasis ...

MONTICELLO reveals soul of Jefferson - Biloxi, MS, USA
... Displays in the hall include maps, copies of Old Master paintings, a model of a pyramid, and items collected in the West by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. ...

BOOK shows different side of explorer William Clark
Cleveland Plain Dealer (Subscription) - Cleveland, OH, USA
... flaws. Often overshadowed by the enigmatic Meriwether Lewis, Clark is easier to understand and more perplexing to fathom. Clark's ...

PBS history show films in Hamilton/6-27
Hamilton Journal News - Hamilton, OH, USA
... three segments on the series will tell the story behind a cane a gentleman in Minnesota claims once belonged to exploring legends Meriwether Lewis and William ...

MAN tells tale of Lewis and Clark logo
The Columbian - Vancouver, WA, USA
... Sloan said he was never fully credited or paid for a Lewis and Clark logo he designed that is almost exactly like the one the National Park Service uses on ...

CELEBRATING Lewis and Clark in Kansas (subscription) - Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Atchison was the site of the first Independence Day celebration in the American West two centuries ago, when Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery camped by a ...

TRAILING Lewis and Clark - KS, USA
... It was late June 1804 when the Lewis and Clark Expedition struggled against the mosquitoes, heat and currents of the Missouri River and finally reached the ...

YOUR Week: Lewis and Clark? Don't forget York
Joplin Globe - Joplin, MO, United States
DIAMOND, Mo. - Performers portraying explorers Merriwether Lewis and William Clark are nothing new for visitors to the George Washington ...

LEWIS and Clark talk goes to the dog
Chicago Tribune (subscription) - Chicago, IL, USA
DES PLAINES -- Anna Friedman's presentation last week on how Lewis and Clark used sextants to navigate ran a bit closer to reality than she might have intended ...

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June 27, 2004