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Resources for teaching about the Voyage of Discovery to students of all ages

Lewis and Clark can be fun!
The Adventures of Lewis and Clark, a musical presented by the Fifth Graders of Blackwood School in Gloucester Township, New Jersey

Book and music by Roger Emerson, John Jacobson, and Allan Billingsley. Book and music for the show available to teachers from Hal Leonard Corporation, at 7777 West Bluemound Road, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53213 . This purchase allows any non-profit organization to put on the show which comes complete with nine songs, and speaking parts for the story line, and suggestions for choreography. There is also a CD available with the basic music recorded.

Our story and photos tell how music teacher Patricia Patelski used available music resources to teach Lewis and Clark history. She outlines her methods. Please send us your ideas too.

Across the curriculum-- Tredyffrin Middle School Students Major in Lewis and Clark Studies

A popular exhibit put on by 218 8th graders at a Berwyn middle school recently marked the end of its 10th annual multi-disciplinary study of Lewis and Clark's Expedition.

A team of enthusiastic teachers led by RoseMarie DeCoste attacked the subject from the fields of history, art, music, language, biological sciences (plants and animals), math and celestial navigation, map making, environmental issues, and even cuisine. The home ec department supplied buffalo meatballs and buckwheat biscuits with fruit and honey toppings to parents and visitors.

Offered February 2004 through August 2005-- Are you involved in planning programs for schools or libraries? Duet productions is presenting Lewis and Clark Discovering America, a play by Steve Seyfried in which two actors portray a variety of characters as they chart the Expedition's journey across the continent. Costumes, props, humor and music engage audiences from first through eighth grades. For more information visit or write to or PO Box 153, Oreland, PA, 19075.

General Lewis and Clark Teaching Resources

Here are examples of the kind of resources now available:

Lewis and Clark in Philadelphia Teaching Resources

  • Read about the new curriculum developed in connection with the National Bicentennial Exhibit, with units developed by the Academy of Natural Sciences.
  • For ideas about an essay subject, see the description of the Essay Contest sponsored by the Chapter.
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