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Philadelphia Chapter
Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 39634
Philadelphia, PA 19136
CONTACT: Norma M. Milner (956) 829-3142

Fans of Lewis and Clark are invited to join national members of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation for their Bicentennial meeting at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel, 12th and Market; Sunday, August 10 through Wednesday, August 13, 2003, hosted by the Philadelphia Chapter (one of 42 in the nation).

The meeting theme "Quest for Knowledge: Lewis in Philadelphia" will center on the young explorer’s visit to the City known as the “Athens of America” in order to ready himself for the challenge ahead. The program will include scholarly papers on various "contributions of Philadelphia" to the success of the expedition.

Trolley tours will be conducted through the historic city with commentary. A self guided walking tour map “Footprints” shows 58 sites connected to Lewis and Clark. Lewis bought many of his supplies, handmade shirts, uniforms, Indian trade goods, kettles, portable soup, whiskey, tobacco, wine, scientific instruments, medicines, and quills and dried ink to use for keeping detailed notes of the trek.

Participants will see an exhibit of selected Lewis and Clark journals at APS, the herbarium of Lewis and Clark plants archived at the Academy of Natural Sciences (ANS), the portraits of the explorers in Independence NHP at the First Bank of the United States, and a medical exhibit at the College of Physicians called "Only One Man Died: Medical Adventures on the Lewis and Clark Trail.”

Music and dance of the period will be offered. An award will be given to the winner of a chapter sponsored Composer’s Competition for the best chamber orchestra composition depicting Lewis in Philadelphia. The winning selection will be played before the closing keynote speech. On Sunday, August 10, a special tour of three historic homes of the period, Stenton, Woodlands, and Bartram's Garden will be offered exclusively, at low cost, to those registered for the entire meeting.

The opening Keynote speaker will be Robert Peck, research scientist at ANS. Other noted speakers will include Gary Moulton, editor of the newest 13 volume edition of the Lewis and Clark Journals, published by the University of Nebraska, and Dayton Duncan, scriptwriter for the Ken Burns TV special.

A Monday night panel discussing "Why Study Lewis and Clark in the 21st Century?" will be moderated by Lanford Y. Jones, vice president of the National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, who has reported, written, and edited at Life, Time, Money and People. Authors on the panel will be Dr. James Ronda of the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dr. John Logan Allen of the University of Wyoming, Dr. Barbara Oberg of Princeton University, and Dr. Michael Zuckerman of the University of Pennsylvania.

Full registration for the four day meeting is $315 for members and $355 for non-members until July 1, 2003. A daytime children's program is offered in the Historic District at $170 for children of parents attending the meeting. Program and registration forms are found on

The web site also offers "partial registration" for three fee events available to non-members who register before July 1, 2003. Upon receipt of a reservation and checks, a confirmation letter is sent. The opening keynote speaker, Robert Peck, at 5:30 at the Loews on Sunday followed by the Colonial Dancers of Germantown is $15; on Tuesday night at the Academy of Natural Sciences, a light buffet and reception with lecture by Dr. Gary Moulton and a display of Herbarium specimens is $40. No transportation is included. (Choose between the 5:00 or 6:30 pm times and arrive at the ANS with letter of confirmation at that time.) The closing banquet and speaker Dayton Duncan on Wednesday night at the Loews Hotel will include the winner of the contest for a chamber orchestra composition on Lewis in Philadelphia, $55.

For details on how to register and more activities taking place at public venues during the city, visit or write for a registration packet to the Philadelphia Chapter, LCTHF, PO Box 39534, Philadelphia, Pa. 19136, or call Norma Milner at 856-829-3142 and leave name and address, speaking clearly.

Reservations to stay at the headquarters hotel, the Loews Philadelphia, should be made separately. For a special room rate mention Lewis and Clark. Loews: 215-627-1200.
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Updated April 29, 2003