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What is LCTHF? After five years of study by a Congressional Commission, the national LCTHF was established on March 11, 1969. It is a non-profit corporation dedicated to stimulating public interest in the epic military exploration of our West and its importance to American history. It educates its members and the public in what was essentially a “baseline study” of scientific and geographical characteristics of a vast uncharted region, much of which was the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase.

The Foundation’s motto, simply stated, is “We are Keepers of the Story—we are Stewards of the Trail.” Present membership expectations are to reach 10,000 by the end of the Bicentennial years 1803-1806. In October of 2002, national membership is about 3,500 with 40 Chapters across the country.
The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail was designated in 1978 as part of the National Park Service (NPS) trail system and crosses 13 states west of the Mississippi. The Foundation acts as advocate, interpreter, and protector of the trail. National members receive an informative quarterly magazine, “We Proceeded On” full of new research and articles on various aspects of related history, and insurance which is in force for annual meetings and official field trips. Annual dues are $40 for individuals. Visit for details.
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What is the Philadelphia Chapter of LCTHF?

The Philadelphia Chapter, one of 40 chapters of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation (LCTHF), was established in 1995 by Founder Frank Muhly of Mayfair, Philadelphia. Muhly was the first member of the LCTHF east of the Mississippi when he joined the organization in 1972 after taking a family camping trip along the trail. It took several years of reading and researching before he suddenly realized that the connections of Philadelphia and other eastern sites to Lewis and Clark history were almost unknown to the general public, in spite of the coverage given by schools to Lewis and Clark traditionally.

The Chapter was officially formed at a luncheon in Lancaster, PA, the city where Meriwether Lewis studied celestial navigation with Andrew Ellicott, the nation’s leading astronomer and surveyor at the time. It was decided that membership states would be Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York although the Chapter would accept members from any state or country in accordance with the customs of the LCTHF.

The Philadelphia Chapter is dedicated to advancing knowledge of the Expedition and its important Philadelphia connections. It meets quarterly. The fall, winter, and spring meeting are usually held on a Saturday at Strawbridges department store in the sixth floor restaurant, Pickwick room, for luncheon and an illuminating speaker or a short walking tour. We share specialized interests in the historical, scientific, social, and cultural significance of the Expedition.

The summer quarterly meeting is held at the location of the annual meeting of the LCTHF which convenes, usually in early August (the birthdays of both explorers occur in August) at a location often along the trail. From August 8-13, 2003, the Philadelphia Chapter will host the national annual meeting of LCTHF at the Loews Hotel where attendance is expected to be 800. For details of the program, how to register, and spectacular hotel values visit

The Philadelphia Chapter also conducts short field trips to related sites in the East, such as Harpers Ferry, WV; Charlottesville, VA; to historic homes in Philadelphia where Lewis visited, or to museums and institutions which hold artifacts from the journey, many of which are archived in Philadelphia. It works with the various historic museum and institutional organization to obtain historic markers and recognition for related sites in the region.
Membership dues are Individual-$17- one vote; Household-$25-two votes (these members must also hold membership in the national LCTHF, which affords them insurance while at official functions). A third category of $17 with no vote, no insurance, and no requirement for membership in the LCTHF is available.

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