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To Obtain Free Lewis and Clark Brochures

Philadelphia Chapter
Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc.
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Philadelphia, PA 19136
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Frank Muhly (215) 331-4178

Frank Muhly, founder of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation (LCTHF) has designed and published two free brochures for the Bicentennial Commemoration of the epic journey which begins in January, 2003. (Visit They are appropriate for teachers, libraries and history buffs, and are fashioned in the style of National Park Service brochures.

The most recent is Lewis and Clark in Historic Philadelphia. On the Making Ready side, Birch’s Views and a detailed map show the Philadelphia which met the eyes of Lewis when he came to the city in 1803 to prepare for the military exploration, and which both Lewis and Clark saw when they came in 1807 and 1810 after their expedition. Thirty-seven sites are located and described. On the Putting Away side, thirty-four more sites related to the explorers are described with a more contemporary map and current illustrations.

An earlier brochure, The Eastern Legacy of Lewis and Clark, traces Lewis's route from Washington DC through the Mid-Atlantic States to Wood River in 1803 as he prepared for the epic journey. After their safe return in September 1806 to St.Louis, the brochure describes the last of thirty-five sites which describe eastward experiences until the publishing of their journals in 1814 at Philadelphia. This piece’s significance was recognized by the National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial when it presented its Harry Hubbard Award to the designer in April 2002.

Links to events in the East and across the country can be found at the Philadelphia Chapter’s web site

Two grants from the National Park Service Challenge Cost Share Program (NPS-CCSP) have made it possible to bring these brochures to the public without cost.

The brochures may be picked up at the Athenaeum, the Library Company, The American Philosophical Society and in the Social Studies and History Department of the Free Library of Philadelphia, Central, 2nd floor, at 19th and Vine Streets.

Or, send a separate business size SASE (1 oz. for the Eastern Legacy brochure, and 2 oz. for the Historic Philadelphia brochure) for each piece to Philadelphia Chapter, LCTHF, 3206 Disston Street, Philadelphia, PA 19149. For 50 free copies of the Eastern Legacy brochure, send written request and a check for $6 to cover postage. Fifty free copies of the Historic Philadelphia brochure may be ordered without postage cost.

The Philadelphia Chapter will host the national membership of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation for its annual meeting August 9-13, 2003, at the Loews Hotel. Details and registration forms for the meeting may be found on the above web site.


Updated November 12, 2002