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Jefferson’s Botanists
Lewis and Clark Discover the Plants of the West

Now available!! The story of the Lewis & Clark expedition’s exploration and collection of plants on their Voyage of Discovery.

Jefferson’s Botanists
Lewis and Clark Discover the Plants of the West

by Richard McCourt and Earle Spamer
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

They were looking for a water route to the Pacific Ocean. They survived grizzlies, freezing weather, and near starvation. They didn’t find the water route, but they did make dozens of scientific discoveries, and they brought back hundreds of plant specimens that are studied by scientists today.
Lewis and Clark are famous for their remarkable journey of 8,000 miles across western North America. Less well known is their scientific legacy, in the form of written observations and actual plant specimens that they took great pains to collect and preserve. This full-color book tells the story of these explorer-botanists and their botanical discoveries. A tale of adventure, scientific discovery, and intrigue, written for the general public, students, and anyone interested in the 18th century explorers’ enduring legacy.

25 pages; $12.95 retail.

To order contact:
Dr. Richard McCourt (; 215-299-1157
Department of Botany, Academy of Natural Sciences
1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Updated October 24, 2004