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Chapter Meeting-- Saturday, January 15, 2005

Speaker Dick Prestholdt introduces his slide show.

Philadelphia Chapter
Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation
Chapter Meeting
15 January 2005

President Bob Weir called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

Lorna Hainsworth was introduced as a new member of the Philadelphia Chapter.

Bob reported to the membership on a number of matters:

1. The topics covered in the morning Board meeting around the updating of the bylaws. Topics for discussion included:

A. What constitutes a quorum?
B. Should we continue to have meetings in January?
C. How should authorization for disbursement of funds be authorized?
D. How should we indicate the times of the meetings in the bylaws?

2. The formation of a Strategic Planning Committee was announced, with the membership: Boyd Sponaugle, Nancy Davis, Trudy Reed, Anne Mackintosh and Dick Prestholdt.

3. At our March Chapter Meeting the speaker will be Tom Gralish who is a photographer for the Inquirer newspaper. He followed the trail in 2003 and will tell of his experiences and show his photographs.

4. Following these announcements, President Weir introduced our speaker for the afternoon, Dick Prestholdt.

Our member, Dick Prestholdt, dressed as Kentucky recruit Gibson, shared his experiences as a member of the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles. This is a bicentennial reenactment of the journey of the expedition from Elizabeth, Pennsylvania to Ft. Clatsop in Oregon. Dick's photos and account of the journey so far accomplished gave us a clear and intriguing impression of the trip as far as Ft. Mandan.

The meeting was adjourned following Dick's talk

Respectfully submitted,
Katy Hineline, Recording Secretary

The Board met Saturday morning for what looks like serious work.

Board members include Frank Muhly and Bob Weir,

Ernie Schuyler, Rose Muhly, and Nancy Davis,

Nancy Davis, Katy Hineline, and Trudy Reed,

Anne Mackintosh and Dick Prestholdt.


Scenes from the meeting--

Gerri Peevers, Elisabeth Gentieu, and Elaine Prestholdt set out goods for the flea market.

Doona Weaver, Tom Davis, and Elaine Prestholdt look over the items for sale.

Dick Prestholdt shares his adventures with Frank Muhly.

Tom Davis, Chris Cook, and Marion Rowen chat over lunch,

and so do Nancy Davis and Katy Hineline,

and Norma Milner and Jim Shaw,

and Trudy Reed and Donna Weaver meet afterwards.


Visit the website for more information about the St. Charles Discovery Expedition

For information on ordering Dick's calendar, click here.



Updated January 17, 2005