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Thank you letter to the Exhibitors from Norma Milner

Dear friends and exhibitors:

First, to those of you who were kind enough to welcome our Walkers on Thursday who were along the "guesstimated" route that Lewis took and helped us commemorate his arrival in Philadelphia, thank you very much for your hospitality. The day wasn't long enough to visit all of you. I wish it had been. The Walkers were very pleased to learn so much from you about our city. Of the more than 24 walkers, there were members of our Chapter, staff members of the Academy of Natural Sciences, the American Philosophical Society, the Philadelphia Botanical Club, two police officers from the Civil Affairs office of the City, and several members of the staff of the "Corps II" mobile National Park now at Valley Forge. It's there until May 20, with a wonderful message in murals and tape introducing American Indian tribes who helped the first Corps of Discovery survive.

Dr. Rick McCourt, a graduate of Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR, and curator of the Herbarium at ANS led the walk. Dick Prestholdt of our Chapter played Lewis and Christian Johnson as Charles Willson Peale met us at two places on the walk, at ANS, the home of some of his specimens from the earliest natural history museum, and at the end of the walk in front of the portraits of the explorers he painted. More than ten of us enjoyed refreshment at City Tavern and rested for the return home. Many thanks to all of you who helped and participated.

I forward this announcement from our webmaster to demonstrate that all of your exhibits are on our web site, and we can call attention to them on the home page as mentioned below as their openings arrive. You can help by reminding me 2 weeks before you are opening your exhibit. If you can, you could make copies of the summer's offerings for your visitors and send them on the way to other exhibits in the City.

I also want to stress that all your exhibits are on a special web page attached to, courtesy of The Philadelphia Inquirer through the efforts of Tom Gralish, the photographer who convinced the Inquirer to run that first ever series of six photographic stories, a great contribution of space in these times.

Please help us show our appreciation to the paper by writing a thank you and/or comment to as early as possible. There are many additional photos and web sites of interest in this extended web site. I suggest that you continue your own announcements, as the results of any effort cannot be predicted, of course. And there are many who are still not cyber-based readers.

And again the thanks of the Philadelphia Chapter, Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, for being willing to create a historic bonanza of information for the public in this 200th year of the visit of Meriwether Lewis to our city.

Norma Milner, publicist

Updated July 30, 2003