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Chapter Meeting Minutes March 8, 2003

Chapter Meeting
Strawbridge's Training Room
March 8, 2003

I. President Weir welcomed all and introduced our special guest and speaker Ron Avery who gave a tremendously interesting slide show and talk on Philadelphia and some of its "characters" in the 19th century. At the end of the presentation, the general consensus was that Mr. Avery should be invited back again.

II. Recording Secretary Jean Jones reported on the three motions that had been passed by the Board of Directors.
1) The purchasing of 2 tables at the nationa] meeting,
2) the purchase of 100 chapter patches to be sold at the meeting and
3) the offering of honorary membership to Mayor Street and Governor Rendell.

III. Treasurer's report. Marion Rowen reported that we had $7,729.04 on hand as of February 28, 2003. A full report is on file.

IV. Frank Mubly reported on the following:
A. Lewis and Clark map/brochure. Frank is constantly mailing out single copies and bundles.
B. Historic markers. We are waiting for dates from the ANS to commemorate the Lewis markers. Barton, Patterson and the Schuylkill Arsenal are also planned.
C. Walking map of Philadelphia. The text is finished and we are waiting for our $4000 grant from the NPS. Should be ready for the annua] meeting.
D. Vendor table at the August meeting. The board decided to purchase the use of 2 tables at the national meeting. We will need volunteers.
E. Chapter patch. The board approved the purchase of 100 patches at a cost of $2.05 each. This is an excellent price and we will sell them at a cost of $5.00.
F. Nominations committee. Tom Davis, Katy Hineline and Frank Muhly will be on the committee. At the October meeting nominations from the floor will be taken and elections held.
G. Political news. Much interest has been shown in extending the Trail to include Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore and Washington. Joe Hoeffel shows interest and we will attempt to contact others.
H. Silent Auction. Helen Hanson's cross stitch is being offered to chapter members first. Bids start at $200. If no one purchases them, they will be auctioned at our table during the annual meeting.
I. Harpers Ferry trip. There has been a very good response and it looks like we will have a good group to attend.

J. Trolley Captain volunteers. Nancy Davis and Trudy Reed pointed out the importance of having captains for the trolleys transporting attendees on their way to and from historic sites during the annual meeting. A sign up sheet was passed around for volunteers.

K. Yo, Merriwether! Welcome to Philadelphia. NormaMilner passed out information on the planned May 8th event to commemorate Lewis’s arrival at Philadelphia. There will be a walk reenacting the arrival of Lewis from Lancaster. It will conclude at the Charles Willson Peale portraits of the explorers at the First Bank between 2:30 and 3pm with a talk by an NPS ranger.

L. Anne Mackintosh gave a report on the website. The number of "hits grows by the month. Also our membership now stands at 99.

M.. President Weir adjourned the meeting at 3:05 pm. There was a question as to whether we would be too busy to have a meeting at the national meeting in August, but the October meeting will be our business meeting with elections.

Respectfully submitted
Jean Jones
Recording Secretary.



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