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Chapter Meeting Minutes January 17, 2004

Philadelphia Chapter
Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation
January 17, 2004
Chapter Meeting
Strawbridge and Clothier, Philadelphia

The January gathering of the Philadelphia Chapter began with an interesting presentation by Mary Anne Boyer and Cathy Fylypowycz. The two were members of the team of teachers assembled by ANS to write curriculum to accompany the Missouri Traveling Exhibit on the Lewis and Clark Journey. Fylypowscz wrote a unit on "Lewis and Clark and Animals." Boyer's unit centered around the Plants Lewis and Clark used for medicinal purposes. Each of the units was designed to examine the native American perspective as well as the perspective of the explorers. The curricula are written for students from fourth to twelfth grades. The curriculum is available at (See also Norma Milner's description.)

Following this power point presentation, President Bob Weir called the Business Meeting to order.

A. Marion Rowen gave the Treasurer's report

Balance on 30 September 2003 $17,577.64
Receipts $11,644.92
Disbursements $8,803.51
Balance on 31 December 2003 $20,419.05

The board would like the membership to vote on the elimination of three categories in the treasurer's books. These categories are a printing fund, a speakers' fund, and a signage fund. They contain small amounts of money and are an artifact of our earlier bookkeeping. The proposal is to have these moneys transferred to the general funds. A ballot on this proposal will be sent to members with the next meeting notification. The absence of a vote will be interpreted as agreement with the proposal.

Bob Weir gave thanks to Marion Rowen for her service as Treasurer for the Chapter. Marion did an enormous amount of work during the time of the Annual Meeting and the Chapter is grateful for her many contributions to the success of the meeting.

Bob also thanked Jean and Walt Jones for their years of service to the Board, and welcomed our new treasurer Trudy Reed and new secretary Katy Hineline.

B. Updates from Frank Muhly
1. The dedications for markers are as follows

Schuylkill Arsenal -- June 10
Patterson -- July 22
B. S. Barton -- December 12

2. The National Park Service has approved the College of Physicians as a certified site on the Trail. Frank will encourage reconsideration of the Ellicott house in Lancaster as a site.

3. Of the five articles on the mentors to be published in WPO, the Patterson article is in hand. We still await the article on Benjamin Smith Barton.

4. A video of the the videoconference held in September between five schools and those with the keelboat at Marietta, Ohio is available from Frank. The conference features our members Frank Muhly and Dick Prestholdt.

5. Frank has determined that there is a sufficient supply of Eastern Legacy and Historic Philadelphia maps. There is no need for a new printing.

C. The board is investigating the possibility of creating an archive for our materials.

D. Anne Mackintosh reports that there continue to be many visits to our web site. She asked that people notify her ( if there are sites which could be appropriately linked to ours.

E. Rose Muhly announced that there is a sign up sheet for the spring day trip to Lancaster. There are two possible dates, April 17 and April 24. All are to let Rose know if interested. Three sites will be visited: Ellicott House, Henry Muhlenberg's church where Muhlenberg grew specimens from material Lewis provided, and the church of the Reverend Barton, father to Benjamin Smith Barton.

The Meeting was adjourned at 3:15 P.M.

Katy Hineline, recording secretary

Updated January 23, 2004