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August 2001 Meeting

The August meeting of the Philadelphia Chapter was held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the national organization of the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation which was held in Pierre, South Dakota from August 5-8, 2001.

Minutes General Meeting
Place: Pierre, South Dakota
Date: August 8, 2001

1. President Muhly welcomed Brad Smith from New York, Jim Holmberg from Kentucky, and chapter members Ruth Backer, Frank Muhly, Nancy Davis, Tom Davis, Mary Jane Whalen, Marion Rowen, Jean Jones and Walt Jones. Richard Prestholdt was working the vendor's table.

2. Treasurer's Report. As of April 30, 2001, we had $2698.70 in the general fund.

3. Old Business.

A. Hotel update - Nancy Davis reported that there was nothing new. More information will be forthcoming in the October meeting.

B. Historic markers - Tom Davis reported that the Pa. Historical and Museum Commission disapproved our application for a marker at the Academy of Natural Science due to wording which might be construed as an advertisement. Working on rewording. Robert Weible from the commission feels we should work on more than one sign for 2003. Frank Muhly reported that John Iskrant is heading up an effort to work with Pittsburgh and rest of the state. We need partners to help defray the cost of the signs.

C. 2003 meeting. Tom Davis reported on the possibilities of displaying the L&C portraits at the ANS or the Pa. Academy of Fine Arts. He believes by Labor Day this will be worked out. Dry runs have been made concerning the visiting of the proposed sites. Also, a call for papers has gone out.

D. Cutright reprints are available at vendor's table. We are looking into marketing them at Valley Forge and other sites. Also internet sales. Question as to how sales over the net would be handled. Materials have been given to Congressional liaisons who were at the national meeting

E. Eastern legacy map - Frank reported that we were expecting a check from the foundation. There are 32 chapters each getting 50 copies. The Ohio River chapter ordered 10,000 copies and the Philadelphia chapter 20,000 copies. Nancy mentioned that the Congressional liaison was extremely ecstatic about the map and suggested that we should get our sites officially certified. They raised questions of any work being done at Elizabeth for 2003.

Frank reported that Dick Williams said Congress decreed the 11 states who are now part of the trail in 1978. Site certification is important to get Eastern trail Congressionally approved.

Frank reported that the National Guard is going to become involved in the bicentennial, including the Pa. National Guard. Tom asks that we contact our representatives to press Congress to act on Lewis and Clark.

E. Philadelphia video - Writer, director and producer has been chosen. Funds must be raised.

F. Harpers Ferry - It was reported that a good number of our members visited in April. Dave Flocks of NPS explained the proposed site for L&C exhibits, including a replica of the iron boat.

G. Charlottesville excursion on October 5, 6 and 7. A block of rooms at the Comfort Inn will be held until Sept. 1 at a cost of $72 per night. Rose has an itinerary for those interested in going.

H. Vendor's table at Pierre has been very busy. Much interest in advance registration for the 2003 meeting is being shown. Nancy wants reservation information in WPO.

4. New Business

A. Speakers stipend. We will be paying $75-100 plus lunch and mileage for speakers.

B. Signature events. There are still openings for a signature event, which begin in Monticello in January, 2003. Discussion followed.
Next meeting is Saturday, October 13, 2001 at Strawbridges.

Elections to be held. If interested in a position, contact John Iskrant.

Respectfully submitted
Jean Jones
Recording secretary

Updated September 15, 2001