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More Honors for Frank Muhly

The National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial has honored Frank Muhly, a member of the Foundation board and founder of the Philadelphia Chapter, with the 2002 Harry Hubbard Award for leading the effort to create the brochure "The Eastern Legacy of Lewis and Clark." The award, named for the first president of the Council, was presented to Muhly at an April workshop in Lewiston, Idaho. In presenting it, Council member Ron Laycock called Muhly the initiator and "driving force" behind the brochure,which was copublished by the Philadelphia and Ohio River chapters and includes a map and text outlining the expedition's progress from Washington, D.C., to Camp DuBois, in Illinois.
Thanks to Ron Laycock for permission to reprint this announcement from the August 2002 issue of We Proceeded On-- and congratulations to Frank Muhly!

National Park Service Grants
Dick Williams, head of the NPS Challenge Cost Share Program, has announced that the Philadelphia Chapter has been granted $9,000 toward the map/brochure on Philadelphia which Frank Muhly has designed and $5000 toward the cost of the six Pennsylvania Historical Markers and the booklet connected with them.


Updated December 28, 2002