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Chapter members meet with officers and staff of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

Meeting in the Masonic Library at the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania to discuss a Bicentennial exhibit on the Lewis and Clark Herbarium are (l to r) Charles Reed, Philadelphia Chapter of L&C history committee, Earle Spamer of the botany department of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Librarian Dr. Glenys A. Waldman and Museum Director Kenneth McCarty of the Grand Lodge, Norma M. Milner of the Philadelphia Chapter of L&C, Dr. A. E. Schuyler, emeritus curator of the L&C Herbarium and member of the board of the Philadelphia Chapter, Trudy Reed, steering committee for the 2003 annual meeting of nationwide Lewis and Clark fans August 10-13 at Loews Philadelphia Hotel, and Frank Muhly of Mayfair, Founder of the Philadelphia Chapter, national board member of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation and co-chair of the 2003 annual meeting. (Photo by James N. Katsaounis)

A comprehensive CD of the Lewis and Clark Herbarium archived at the Academy of Natural Sciences is presented to Kenneth McCarty, Masonic museum director (center) by Earle E. Spamer (l), archivist of the Academy and an author of the CD, and Dr. Alfred E. Schuyler, emeritus curator of the Herbarium, a collection of original pressed plants collected on the epic expedition, with drawings and notations. The Masonic Grand Lodge will offer a public exhibit on the Herbarium in the summer of the opening Bicentennial year 2003 to honor Lewis and Clark who were both Masons. (Photo by James N. Katsaounis)

The Grand Lodge invites you to take a virtual tour of the building. Go to the Lodge's website and then click the "Tour of the Temple" link for your choice of several tour options.

Updated October 21, 2002