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Chapter Meeting October 12, 2002

Meeting General Meeting
Date October 12, 2002
Place Strawbridge's Pickwick Room

President Weir welcomed all and introduced Donna Weaver, sculptor and engraver at the U.S. Mint, who gave a very interesting presentation on "Wax portraits to bronze metals."

I. Recording Secretary Jean Jones read the decisions made by the Board of Directors
A. The Board agreed to lend the Program Committee $1500 to meet upcoming expenses.
B. Members will be asked to contribute what they can to the committee.

II. The minutes from the last Board meeting were approved.

III. Treasurer's report - Marion Rowen reported we had $4109.16 on hand as of September 30, 2002. This includes the speakers fund, sign fund and printing fund.

IV. Reports by Frank Muhly.
A. The map of Historical Philadelphia is now available. Funding was done by the NPS.
B. Historical markers update - Approval for markers for Benjamin Smith Barton, Robert Patterson and the Schuylkill Arsenal has been given by the Pa. Historical and Museum Commission. Applications for $650 each will be made. NPS will pick up the rest of the cost. A booklet describing all markers pertaining to L&C throughout the state has also been approved. The Dedication is likely to be held between May 7 and June 10, 2003.
C. Philadelphia L&C Committee met at ANS. The group is primarily concerned with the St. Louis Moving Exhibit due at the Academy from Nov. 2004 until March, 2005, and hopes to involve the Tourist Bureau and publicize L&C programs in Phila.. Ronda Hagins is the contact person at ANS. Jim Baker is the new President of the ANS and very interested in L&C.
D. Philadelphia Walking Map - Frank is making changes in the format. It will be a self-guiding map and ready for the 2003 meeting. We are getting 3000 copies printed.

V. Corps of Discovery II report - Dick Presthold and Ed Welch looking into it.

VI. 2003 meeting update - Nancy Davis spoke on progress that has been made. Volunteers will be needed and we will be contacted for help.

VII. Harpers Ferry - On March 28, 29, 30, 2003. Gary Moulton will be the Keynote Speaker. Iron boat will be on display. Many other activities are planned. Rose will look into getting a block of rooms at the Comfort Inn. We plan on car pooling.

VIII. Penn State and Monticello meeting updates - haven't heard from Penn State. Costs for both are rather high. Some interest shown on going to the York opera. Some showed interest in attending Monticello.

IX. Doubletree program- Geography Society meeting. Charles Sacavage has obtained a free table for us. Volunteers will be needed to man the table.

X. Edward Carter of the APS, and a great friend of L&C, passed away. Frank sent a letter of condolence. Memorial service is set for Nov. 7, l lAM, at Ben Franklin Hall on Chestnut St. It is open to the public.

XI. Rick McCourt of the ANS asked about the possibility of an open house to show off the new facilities housing the L&C herbarium. He wanted to know of our interest.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:00. Next meeting on January 11, 2003 at Strawbridges.

Respectfully submitted
Jean Jones
Recording Secretary




Updated October 231, 2002