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Chapter Meeting July 30, 2002

Chapter Meeting
Philadelphia Chapter of The Lewis and- Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc.
Held in The Galt House, Louisville, Kentucky
July 30, 2002

Present were Bob Weir, Phyllis Drewyer, “Doc” Drewyer, Mary Jane Whalen, Tom Davis, Marion Rowen, Charles Reed, Frank Muhly, Rose Muhly, Marsha S. Thompson, Elaine Prestholdt, Richard Prestholdt, Stephanie Begley-Smith, Brad Smith, Ruth Backer, Katy Hineline, Anne Mackintosh, Doris Polites, Trudi Reed, Nancy Davis and Norma Milner. Guests were Steve Polk, Jason Charnesky and Bruce Trinkley.

Bob Weir opened the meeting at 9:20 pm. The attendees introduced themselves.

Frank Muhly indicated that the Corps of Discovery II is interested in having Philadelphia as one of the sites as it follows the path of the original Corps of Discovery. The Corps’ equipment will consist of three tents and two trailers. Dick Prestholdt and Charles Sacavage have agreed to think about being the persons to arrange for the Corps' stay in Philadelphia. Dick indicated that he is just getting started. A number of items which would need to be looked into were mentioned. These included: dates, staffing needs, finances, our level of responsibility and site. Tom Davis mentioned that Dick Williams (Park Service) is here at the meeting and might be able to answer some of our questions.
It was concluded that we need investigate the funding and manpower requirements of this venture before we agree to be a part of it. Dick will explore the possibilities and report back to the group.

Frank reported on a trip which a number of members had made to the Masonic Hall in Philadelphia. Meriwether Lewis was a Mason and the group in Philadelphia has a request from Lewis for permission to organize a Masonic Lodge in St Louis. The Philadelphia Masons have ordered a set of 29 framed panels showing the plant specimens collected by Lewis and Clark on their westward trek. The Masons are planning to display this set during the time of our meeting. Norma proposed that we invite the Masons to attend our October chapter meeting and that our president write a letter supporting the efforts of the Masons to create a display of plant material in the Masonic Hall in July and August of 2003. The members approved this proposal.

Visitors Bruce Trinkley and Jason Charnesky described their opera which will be performed at a Lewis and Clark conference in State College Pa (14-16 November, 2002). An opera about the life of York, entitled York The Voice of Freedom, we will be hearing two songs from it on the closing day of the conference. Another visitor, Steve Polk, described a Lewis and Clark musical which has been created and performed to some acclaim (book by Arthur Kopit, music and lyrics by Donald Alan Siegal). He wonders it we would be interested in featuring it at our meeting in August 2003. There would be some expense involved. Steve left with Bob Weir a copy of the video of the production for our consideration.

Norma Milner asks that we distribute chapter application forms to our friends.

The meeting adjourned 10:30.
Submitted by Katy Hineline, Secretary pro tem

Composer Bruce Trinkley and lyricist Jason Charnesky delight Doris Polites with their enthusiasm for their opera.


Updated August 11, 2002