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January 13, 2001, meeting

Minutes of the General Meeting

Date January 13, 2001

Location Strawbridge's Pickwick Room

The meeting was called to order at 12:15, to be interrupted when lunch was ready to be served.

  1. President Rose Muhly welcomed all, especially the new members.
  2. President Muhly introduced the officers and Board members.
  3. Nancy Davis gave an update of the 2003 meeting and said that a preliminary report was being prepared to go to the national organization. Nancy then went over a flow chart showing how we would handle the group and how events would be spaced out.
  4. Pat Roussell, the program chairperson, introduced Denise Juron who gave a very interesting talk on A Cenotaph for Captain Meriwether Lewis in Philadelphia.
  5. There was an approval of the minutes with changes.
  6. Marion Rowen gave the treasurers report. As of December 31, 2000, we have a balance of $3,485.15.
  7. Frank Muhly went over The Eastern Legacy of Lewis and Clark map showing the work done and explaining cost and how we hoped to pay for it.
  8. The idea of the vendor's table at Pierre was discussed among the group. All agreed it would be a good idea.
  9. Norma Milner reported on her plans to create a New Corps of Discovery to promote membership and the 2003 meeting
  10. The Board has decided that dues paid in the last quarter by new members would provide membership through the following year. We were reminded that dues are now payable.
  11. Reports
    1. Tom Davis reported on the historical marker at the Wistar house. The marker seem to be missing, but is being tracked down.
    2. Tom reported on the Cutright reprint. It is ready to be reviewed and proofread.
    3. Tom reported on the L&C mural. He has a letter from the Bureau of Arts showing interest in participating once we get a site and sponsor. Cost will be determined by the work needed on the site.
    4. Anne Mackintosh reported on the new website: Philadelphia Chapter: Lewis and Clark.
    5. Frank Muhly reminded the group on the importance of keeping their volunteer hours and to submit them by February.
    6. Two trips, one to Harper's Ferry on April 28-29 and one to Charlottesville in September are planned. If we are to go by bus, we need 15-25 people. Cost would be about $200 per person. Car pooling is also a possibility. (Please see Overnight Trip to Harpers Ferry.)
    7. We have received a note of thanks from the group fighting the proposed grain elevator at the Pompeys Pillar site for our $100 donation.
    8. Tom Davis has asked to be relieved from his duties on the Historical Marker Committee.
    9. Pat Roussell has asked to be relieved from her duties on the program committee.
    10. The next chapter meeting is scheduled on March 10 at Strawbridge's. This to be later confirmed. The meeting adjourned at 3:10

Respectfully submitted,
Jean Jones
Recording Secretary

Updated August 13, 2001