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Chapter Meeting October 13, 2001

1. Vice President Muhly welcomed all and introduced new members and visitors.

2. Treasurer's Report: Marion Rowen presented the treasurer's report of $8337.84 on hand as of Sept. 30, 2001. October disbursements brought balance down to $2,404. Outstanding invoices of $10,715 for Cutright reprints. It was explained that we were asking for interest free loans and tax deductible contributions to the printing fund.

3. Approval of Minutes.

4. Reports of the 2003 committees were given by Nancy Davis, Tom Davis, Lorraine Rittman, Trudy Reed, Marion Rowen, Charles Reed, and Norma Milner. It was emphasized that volunteers will be needed in all areas. It was also pointed out that volunteers get free registration for the meeting.

5. Frank reported the importance of time sheets to be kept by all members. National gets money from NPS based on these hours.

6. John Iskrant collected and counted the ballots for next year's officers. The results were: President, Bob Weir; Vice President, Frank Muhly; Treasurer, Marion Rowen; Recording Secretary, Jean Jones; Membership Secretary, Anne Mackintosh, Corresponding Secretary, Rose Muhly; Director (4 year term), Roy Goodman; Director (4 year term), Alfred Emest Schuyler, with Trudy Reed and Walter Jones serving out their remaining 2 years as directors.

7. Decisions by the Board:
A. The approval of asking for interest free loans and tax deductible contributions.
B. Approved the raising of dues to $17 for individual memberships and $25 for family memberships.
C. Approved the nomination of Trudy Reed as Treasurer for the 2003 meeting.

8. We have a new P.O. Box: Philadelphia Chapter, LCTHE, P.O. Box 39534, Philadelphia,Pa. 19136-9534.

9. Next meeting, January 13, 2002. Place to be announced.

Respectfully submitted

Jean Jones

Recording Secretary



Updated December 31, 2001