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Minutes from the Chapter Meeting of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation
October 18,2003
The meeting was called to order at 1:30 by Frank Muhly as Chair ProTem. President Bob Weir was not in attendance due to the death of a family member. Frank offered the sympathy of the group to Bob and a card of condolence was sent around for all to sign.

A ballot was passed out listing the nominations for Officers and Directors for the term beginning 1 January 2004. Marion Rowen moved that the nominations be accepted as listed and the slate was elected by acclamation.
President -- Robert M. Weir, Jr.
Vice President -- Richard Prestholdt
Recording Secretary -- Katy Hineline
Corresponding Secretary -- Rose Muhly
Membership Secretary -- Anne Mackintosh
Treasurer -- Trudy Reed
Director -- Nancy Davis
Director -- Frank Muhly
(Directors Roy Goodman and Ernie Schuyler will continue to serve for two more years.)

Treasurer's Report
Marion Rowen, Treasurer, read the report for the period May 31, 2003 to September 30, 2003. In short, our balance May 31 was $7,566.50. Expenses during the period were $3140.50 and receipts were $13,151.63 resulting in a balance on Spetempber 30, 2003 of $17,577.64.

Anne Mackintosh, speaking on behalf of Bob Weir, thanked Nancy Davis, Frank Muhly and Tom Davis for all of the work they did to make the Annual Meeting such a success. In addition, on behalf of the Chapter, Anne presented to Nancy a scarf decorated with representations of plants from the Lewis and Clark Herbarium and to Tom and Frank, the book Lewis and Clark's Green World by A. Scott Earle, illustrated with photos by James Reveal.


Nancy Davis made a power point presentation of the Annual Meeting. This is the information which will be forwarded to National in Great Falls, Montana as the report of our activities in August 2003. The report included attendance information, financial information and photographs which gave a visual chronology of the meeting. It concluded with a listing of the many volunteers.

Reports from Tom Davis
1. Volunteer time should be reported to National so that the information may be used to obtain funding from NPS. Tom would like each of us to send to him our volunteer hours since January, 2003. He will combine them and deliver the information to National.
2. Copies of the transactions are still available for $20.00.
3. Leandra Holland, who was a speaker at the Annual Meeting in August, has died as the result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident in Montana. Tom has sent four copies of the video of her talk to Leandra's family.
4. Videos will soon be available. Bill Stephens is working on them.
5. APS has copies of the papers and will decide which one(s) it would like to publish.
6. The CD's are nearly ready to be mailed.

Reports fom Frank Muhly
1. Frank informed us of three PHMC Marker dedication dates in 2004
*Schuylkill Arsenal -10 June
*Patterson - July 22
*Barton - December 12
2. The two remaining articles on the mentors.
*Rick McCourt's article on Barton will be completed in December and ready for WPO.
*Nancy Davis's article on Patterson is nearing completion,
3. Application has been made for twelve additional certified sites on the trail in Pennsylvania. Of these, two are in western Pennsylvania, three in central and seven in eastern Pennsylvania.
4. In September there was a video conference among five schools in Missouri, Ohio and Michigan, the keelboat at Marietta, Ohio and a video center in the National Guard Armory in Norristown, PA. Frank Muhly was a part of this conference.
5. The supply of Eastern Legacy and Historic Philadelphia maps is dwindling. Frank plans to apply to the National Park Service for a grant for printing additional copies.

Reports from Norma Milner
1. Norma prepared a display of all of Tom Gralish's photographs and articles published for a week in the Inquirer.
2. There are both Senate and House bills for the extension of the trail. We are urged to write to Senator Spector and Senator Santorum.
3. Dick Prestholdt is in Louisville taking part in the festivities which commemorate the date Lewis and Clark joined for the journey west.
4. A free curriculum on Lewis and Clark is available through the website Click on "for educators."

Frank regrets not including the following three items when he was reporting on the decisions of the Chapter Board at its morning meeting.
1. The Board decided to make final payments to those members who had loaned funds for the Cutright booklet to be printed.
2. The Board decided to investigate the possibilities of establishing an archive, devised a list of likely sites, and asked Frank to begin with APS.
3. Discussions about conducting an event in the Spring resulted in Lancaster being selected. Ernie will check on a number of exhibits, etc. in addition to Ellicott House and he and Rose will coordinate more details. It might be worth an overnite."

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m. Twenty three attended.

Katy Hineline, Recording Secretary


Updated November 9, 2003