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Chapter Meeting-- Saturday, October 16, 2004
Place: Strawbridges, Eighth and Market, Center City Philadelphia.

Bob Weir opened the meeting at 1:10 pm.
Bob introduced our member, Lanny Jones, author of a recently published biography of Wiliam Clark, William Clark and the Shaping of the West, Lanny Jones spoke to us about Clark and Philadelphia, enumerating each of his visits to the city and providing the context, both personal and historical, for the visits.

Following the talk, Bob reviewed some of the decisions made by the board in the morning.

1. A committee has been formed to explore our dues structure in light of our relatively full coffers and our desire to set the goals for the future of the organization. The committee will consist of Norma Milner, Trudy Reed, Anne Mackintosh, Nancy Davis and Boyd Sponaugle.

2. There will be a board meeting on December 19 prior to the Barton Historical Marker Dedication to review the bylaws and to explore further the archiving of our materials.

3. Anne Mackintosh will be sending a request for a listing from you of any materials which should be archived so that we will have a working list of such items for the meeting in December.

4. At our January meeeting we will be having a"Flea Market" for items not to be archived so bring along any things you feel might fit into this category (Norma Milner mentioned that she still has some of the 15 star and 15 stripe flags to bring, for example.)

5. The Barton Marker Dedication will be made on 19 December at 2 pm at 7th and Arch Streets. All are invited to attend. The Botany Club will provide refreshments following the dedication ceremony in the Dining Room of the Constitution Center.

6. At our 15 January 2005 meeting, Dick Prestholdt will speak on his experiences on the keelboat.

Bob Weir offered words of the life of our member, Gretchen Worden. She was enthusiatic in her support of this organization and we shall miss that dedication and her wonderful sense of humor. There was a moment of silence in memory of Gretchen Worden.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submtted,
Katy Hineline, Recording Secretary

In an email message after the meeting, Lanny wrote:

I felt truly honored that so many people came to the luncheon. I certainly had a good time preparing and giving my remarks, and of course the best part-- as always with knowledgeable listeners! -- was the Q&A. I am proud to be part of our Chapter.


Many members asked Lanny to autograph copies of his book.

The program followed lunch.

Bob Weir joshed with Lanny after the talk.

Photos by Pi DiPiazza


Updated October 24, 2004