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Chapter Meeting March 19, 2005

Frank Muhly thanks Tom Gralish for his fine presentation.

Norma Milner introduces TOM GRALISH, the Inky’s Lewis and Clark Photo Story Guy
Tom Gralish, an amiable and entertaining speaker and member of our own Chapter, was our speaker on March 19 following the spring luncheon. Tom is an Inquirer photographer with a unique eye for composition. His weekly photo stories on the City Scene and his news photos are recognizable even without his photo credit.

During 2002 and 2003 Tom brought the names of Lewis and Clark to the front pages of our major daily newspaper when our Chapter was seeking to make our region aware of the Philadelphia connection to the famous expedition and the upcoming national meeting we would host at the Loews Hotel August 10-14, 2003. Here's the inside story.

Our public relations team invited the popular People columnist, Michael Vitez, on one of our Founder Frank Muhly's legendary “Walks Where Meriwether Lewis Walked in Philadelphia.” And Tom Gralish stepped into the role of photographer for the story.

Well, after following Frank (and Tom Davis, who was there too) around the City for half a day, Vitez wrote a major People story with delightful photos of Frank in action. The story appeared on Sunday, April 28, 2002.

Tom joined our Chapter and behind the scenes at the Inky began negotiations to get more coverage about the Philadelphia connection and the L&C Bicentennial. The paper decided to send him on two expeditions of his own along the Lewis and Clark Trail as it is today. He traveled a total of about 8,000 miles, photographing everything from cattle in the middle of the road, American Indians, kids of all kinds, new dams on the Missouri, and amazing scenery to an assortment of stuff from his pockets on top of a little TV in a tiny motel somewhere.
These photos were featured in the Inquirer for a full week in May of 2003. Photographer Gralish wrote the text accompanying his photos. Included in his coverage was our commemorative Walk through Philadelphia from 30th Street Station to the American Philosophical Society and City Tavern. He walked with us!

Tom also wrote a front page article in the Inquirer to accompany the opening of the Annual Meeting and came to our meeting to photograph the opening day. In short, we owe him a big thanks for getting the Philadelphia connection before the general public. He has recently showed his photos-- a slide show with musical accompaniment-- at the Academy of Natural Sciences and at area schools.

The complete series From Here to There: The Lessons of Lewis and Clark can be seen online where Tom has also included a selection of photos not published in the paper.


Philadelphia Chapter
Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation
Chapter Meeting
19 March 2005

The meeting was called to order by President Bob Weir at 1:05 pm.

Bob announced that member Jim Shaw is moving to Anaconda, Montana in September. We send our best wishes with him.

We will have a meeting in June, on the 18th at Strawbridges.

Items of interest from the Board meeting:

The board is working on revising the bylaws.

The board is working on a strategic plan for the organization.

Tom Davis announced:

Available for sale are: CD with 18 papers from the Annual Meeting of 2003 @ $10;

Cutright books @ $14.

Laryl Lee Delker announced that in connection with a History of Medicine Day, Saturday 16 April, the College of Physicians will offer a walking tour from 10-12, highlighting the early medical history of the city. For further information contact the College at 215- 563- 3737 ext. 305 or email Margaret Platton.

Anne Mackintosh displayed a copy of Dayton Duncan's new book, Scenes of Visionary Enchantment. This volume includes the talk Dayton Duncan gave at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia in 2003.

Diane Pierson was introduced, visiting from ANS where she is a volunteer guide.

The program was presented by Tom Gralish from the Philadelphia Inquirer. His talk featured pictures from his journey on the trail, many of which were in his six day set of photo essays presented in the Inquirer in May 2003. Mr. Gralish entertained and informed us with tales of the people he encountered and experiences he had along the trail.

The meeting adjourned at 3 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Katy Almy Hineline

Updated March 21, 2005