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Chapter Meeting March 20, 2004

Bob Weir presides over the business meeting.

John Jengo answers questions after his talk.

Philadelphia Chapter Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation
20 March 2004
General Meeting 1:00 p.m.
Strawbridge and Clothiers
Bob Weir called the meeting to order at 1:05 pm.
Bob introduced new members and interested persons who were attending:
Steve and Vicky Seiko
Boyd Sponaugle
Bill Hall
Lorna Hainsworth
Joel and Joan Chinitz
The 61st wedding anniversary of Rose and Frank Muhly was announced.

Bob introduced John Jengo, our member, who made and excellent presentation on the geology of the trail, a topic which he has been pursuing since the 1970s.

Following John's presentation, the General meeting continued:

1. Dick Prestholdt mentioned that the Expedition enactment is on line every Thursday from 12:30-2:30 at It is a live video broadcast each week.
2. Frank passed around a note card to send to Spence and Ruth Oberholtzer, founding members of the chapter, who are both ill.
3. The were no questions about the minutes or the treasurer's report ($21,756.29 on hand)
4. Bob Weir reported on the topics discussed at the Board Meeting

A. Rachel Onuf, Archivist at the Pennsylvania Historical Society spoke with the board about the options for archiving our materials.
B. There was a discussion of what should constitute a quorum. The discussion will continue.
C. Bev Hines has asked for nominations for awards at the Annual Meeting to be submitted by 1 April.
D. Gerard Baker has returned to leading the Corps of Discovery II.
E. Spring Event in Lancaster on April 24. We will meet at Ellicott House at 10 a.m. and visit two churches in addition to Ellicott House.
F. We are considering eliminating the January meeting as it is a hardship to get here. Other changes to the calendar will be considered.
G. A regional meeting is being held in Charlottesville on May 3 to which we may send a representative.
H. There is a question of what to do with the profits from the Annual Meeting. There is a proposal under consideration for that money to go to facilities/house helpful to us during the Annual Meeting.
I. Payment to guest speakers will continue to be $150 and lunch. Members of the chapter who give talks will receive lunch.
J. ANS is asking for volunteers to help with the Lewis and Clark exhibit beginning 5 November 2004 and running to 20 March 2005. If you are interested, call Lois Kuter 215-299-1029.
K. Kudos to Anne Mackintosh for her work on the website! Anne has noted that some members who signed on at the time of the Annual meeting have not renewed their memberships. How do we work to retain new members will be a future discussion.

Next board meeting will be June 19.
Next General Meeting will be 16 October. Lanny Jones will speak.
Respectfully submitted,
Katy Hineline


Updated March 21, 2004