The Quest for Knowledge: Lewis in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia in 2003: the time, place, plans, schedules, photos, memories, and highlights of the Annual Meeting

The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation's 35th Annual Meeting in 2003
Who Planned this Meeting Anyway?

Larry Epstein recognizes co-chair Nancy Davis's leadership.

Katy Hineline and Charles and Trudy Reed are holding the Proclamation issued by the Mayor. They wore many hats on the committee.

The committee acknowledges its leaders on the final evening.

Bob Weir planned the entertainment, and was entertaining himself.

Lorraine Rittman, registrar, came prepared for all problems.

The Planning Committee thanks the many Chapter members who filled important roles throughout the meeting, and those who stepped in to help where needed. The Committee also thanks the many members who contributed financial support for the meeting.


The Committee also appreciates the help, support, and wise words from so many attendees. It would be hard to imagine a more cooperative, enthusiastic, and appreciative group of people!



Co-chair Frank and Rose Muhly's longtime dream of recognition for Philadelphia's importance to the Expedition is fulfilled.

Katy Hineline, Tom Davis, Charles and Trudy Reed check the printed transactions of the meeting-- one of the last of the last-minute jobs.

Could you guess that Norma Milner was in charge of publicity?

Tom Davis. program chair, found himself with a lot of reading to do.

Marion Rowen, Anne Mackintosh, and Nancy Davis display the Proclamation ussued by City Council. Marion and Rose Muhly planned meals, Anne is webmaster, and Nancy designed the graphics for the meeting.

Co-Chairs: Nancy Davis and Frank Muhly
Program: Tom Davis - Chair
Katy Hineline, Marion Rowen, Bob Weir, John Jengo
Kids Kamp: Ed Welch
Plant Press: Ernie Schuyler and Norma Milner
Silhouettes: Katy Hineline
Sextant Demonstration: Tom Davis
Acrostic Puzzle: Charles Reed
Composer's Competition: Katy Hineline
Essay Contest: Katy Hineline, Nancy Davis, Tom Brady
Botany Contest: Nancy Davis and Chris Cook
Registration: Lorraine Rittman
Local History: Charles Reed - Chair
Frank Muhly
Transportation: Trudy Reed - Chair
Jim Shaw and Paul Shaver
Meals: Marion Rowen - Chair
Rose Muhly
Entertainment: Bob Weir
Publicity: Anne Mackintosh and Norma Milner
Treasurer: Trudy Reed
Graphics: Nancy Davis
Vendors: Richard Prestholdt
Volunteers: Katy Hineline


Updated August 29, 2003