The Quest for Knowledge: Lewis in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia in 2003: the time, place and plans for the Annual Meeting

In the spring of 1803, Thomas Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis to Philadelphia to obtain knowledge and supplies for his journey west. Lewis carried with him letters of introduction to the leading scientists of the age. The city to which Lewis traveled was a significant social and scientific center in the new American republic.

The Foundation is delighted to invite you to attend the 35th annual meeting of the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation being held in Philadelphia in 2003, the 200th anniversary of Lewis’s visit. Quest for Knowledge: Lewis in Philadelphia papers and tours will explore the contributions of Lewis’s mentors as well as the social, scientific and urban context of the “Athens of America” - Philadelphia in 1803.

Quadrature of the Lune: Surveying the Life of Andrew Ellicott, Barry Rauhauser

Dignified and Civil Inquiry: Dr. Caspar Wistar in Philadelphia, the "Athens of the Western World"
Nina P. Long, The Wister Institute

The Eminence of an Opulent City: Birch's Views and the Image of Philadelphia at the Turn of the 19th Century
Emily T. Cooperman

Supplies from Philadelphia
Frank Muhly

Lewis and Clark's Contributions to Meteorological Science
Terry Nathan, University of California

Philadelphia 1803-1807: Planning, Provisioning, Preserving
Leandra Holland

Benjamin Smith Barton's Elements of Botany 1803
Eric v.d Luft, SUNY

Displaying the Expanding Nation to Itself: The Cultural Work of Public Exhibitions of Western Fauna in Lewis and Clark's Philadelphia
Brett Mizelle, California State University

Nineteenth Century Scientific Opinion of Lewis and Clark
Andrew Lewis, American University

Mineral Productions of Every Kind: The Geological Education of Meriwether Lewis
John Jengo, PG

Ethnobotanical and Medical Aspects of the Botanical Specimens Collected by Lewis and Clark
Ara Der Marderosian University of the Sciences in Philadephia

Benjamin Rush, a Physician of the Enlightenment
Charles Greifenstein, College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Early Urban Water Supply in Philadelphia: A First in Municipal Responsibility
Jane Mork Gibson

"I Never Yet Parted": Bernard McMahon and the Seeds of the Corps of Discovery
Rob Cox, American Philosophical Society

"Our Future Metropolis": Philadelphia on the Edge of the Nineteenth Century
Michal McMahon, West Virginia University

Philadelphia: Medical Mecca and Science's Hometown
Nancy Webster

Philanthropy, Agricultural Reform, and Republican Political Economy: The Work of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture During the Era of Lewis and Clark
Shawn Kimmel, University of Michigan

Things to do on Saturday and Sunday Afternoons

-See a flower press demonstration

-Have your silhouette made out of paper

-Watch a demonstration of a sextant

-Take a walking tour of Lewis related sites, including the notorious Osage Orange trees in St. Peters churchyard

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Meeting Headquarters:
Loews Philadelphia Hotel
1200 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
phone: 215.627.1200

Updated July 21, 2003