The Quest for Knowledge: Lewis in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia in 2003: the time, place, plans, schedules, photos, memories, and highlights of the Annual Meeting

The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation's 35th Annual Meeting in 2003
Saturday, August 9 and Sunday, August 10 Here and There around the Hotel


Elizabeth Campbell, Pi DiPiazza, and Keynote speaker Bob Peck

The mezzanine is the place for friends to meet.

Good friends Jean Jones and Mary Enge

Paula and Jim Mallory, Frank Muhly and Jane Henley

Bob Anderson, descendant of George
Shannon and Esther Duncan, who portrays Mary Maxwell Bratton, wife of Wm. Bratton





Looking out the hotel's huge windows

The Muhly family

Agnes and Dick Brooks

Roger Wendlick of Portland, Oregon

Elaine and Dick Prestholdt with Frank, Dillon, and Rose Muhly


Updated August 24, 2003