The Quest for Knowledge: Lewis in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia in 2003: the time, place, plans, schedules, photos, memories, and highlights of the Annual Meeting

The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation's 35th Annual Meeting in 2003
Tuesday August 12 An Evening at the Herbarium at the Academy of Natural Sciences

Outside the Academy of Natural Sciences

Dick Williams of the National Park Service announces that the Academy of Natural Sciences is a certified site on the National Lewis and Clark Trail and presents Dr. James Baker, President and CEO of the Academy, with a plaque and marker.

The Meeting attendees and Academy staff welcome the new designtion. That's Gretchen Worden of the College of Physicians at the right.

Wayne S. Spilove, Chairman of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, announces the dedication of the historical marker honoring Meriwether Lewis.

James Baker and Wayne Spilove unveiled the marker, located in front of the Academy.

The text is on both sides of the marker so it can be read by drivers and pedestrians as they go by.

Inside the Academy

Gordon Julich, Foundation vice-president, joins Callie and Larry Epstein in Dinosaur Hall.

Tom Campbell

and Earle Spamer and Jim Mallory dine with the dinosaurs.

Rick McCourt, Archivist of the Herbarium, stands near a new poster of Herbarium specimens. Rick and Earle and keynote speaker Bob Peck and Tuesday evening's speaker Ernie Schuyler and several other staff members are Foundation and Philadelphia Chapter members and attended the Annual Meeting.

Rose and Ftank Muhly hold the plaque and sign presented by Dick Williams.

Earlier, at noon, Dick Williams presented a similar certification to the American Philosophical Society. He was unfazed by a power outage that affected the entire historic area as he was speaking!







Updated August 29, 2003