The Quest for Knowledge: Lewis in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia in 2003: the time, place, plans, schedules, photos, memories, and highlights of the Annual Meeting

The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation's 35th Annual Meeting in 2003
Saturday, August 9 and Sunday, August 10 Flower Press Demonstration

The demostration was sponsored by the Botany Department of the Academy of Natural Sciences, the Philadelphia Botanical Club, and Philadelphia Chapter of LCTHF.

Maggie Dugan, a volunteer from Bartram’s Garden, designed the beautiful bouquet, which helps Chapter volunteer Gerri Peevers welcome observers to the exhibit.


Ed Lonigan from ANS shows sheets of collected plants.

A grandson/ grandmother team listen intently.

Rick, Norma, and Gerri smile in anticipation when all is ready.




Maggie Dugan is able to answer visitors' questions. Pat Gorden (hidden) assisted her.

Gerri Peevers and Norma Milner make sure everything is ready.

Tom and Elizabeth Campbell enjoy informed visitors.

Rick McCourt, Curator of the Lewis and Clark Herbarium at the Academy of Natural Sciences, recommends books and the Academy's cd.

Updated August 24, 2003