The Quest for Knowledge: Lewis in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia in 2003: the time, place, plans, schedules, photos, memories, and highlights of the Annual Meeting

First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry

The First Continental Congress met in September 1774, in the Hall of Carpenters' Company, Philadelphia. A Committee of Correspondence was elected by the citizens of Philadelphia to determine the most effective means of resisting the British and to carry out the nonimportation resolutions of the Congress. The Committee first met on the afternoon of Thursday, November 17, 1774, in the Pennsylvania State House. That same evening, three of the Committee members, together with twenty-five other gentlemen, gathered in Carpenters' Hall and associated as the Light Horse of the City of Philadelphia - a name that was later changed to First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry.

This purely volunteer cavalry troop was the first organized in defense of the colonies. Today the Troop is certainly the oldest mounted military unit and quite possibly the oldest military unit of any kind that has been in continuous service to the Republic. The times that called it into being, and the character of the original members who fought through the seven years of the American Revolution, together forged concepts of service and a body of tradition that have given it a continuity of purpose for more than 225 years. (From the Cavalry's website, www.ftpcc.comJ

Updated August 31, 2003