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Chapter Meeting March 18, 2009 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Chapter Meeting to Focus on Newly Discovered Letter from Meriwether Lewis

A lecture by Lorna Hainesworth

A Valuable and Neglected Original Document

American Philosophical Society Library
105 South Fifth Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Happily, even after more than 200 years, previously unknown information about Lewis and Clark is still being discovered. At our next chapter meeting, in March 2009 we will be given a presentation about just such a discovery. Our speaker will be chapter member, Lorna Hainesworth, who will introduce us to a letter written by Meriwether Lewis to William Linnard in Philadelphia on June 6, 1803. By all indications, this letter was heretofore not known to most Lewis and Clark scholars, authors, aficionados, students and fans. The contents of this letter fill in some critical gaps in the preparation phase of the Expedition. Through it we meet some interesting historical figures and gain an understanding of how Lewis and his supplies traveled from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh.


January 2009