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The Philadelphia Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation is dedicated to stimulating public interest in and advancing knowledge of the Expedition as it relates to the Philadelphia area. Members meet quarterly to share specialized interests and to learn about the historical, scientific, social, and cultural significance of the Expedition. The Chapter also conducts field trips to local points of interest related to the Expedition.

The chapter is part of the national organization - the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc. - which convenes each summer, usually at a location along the Trail, to conduct business, hear guest speakers, and visit interesting sites.

Philadelphia hosted the Annual Meeting in August 2003, 200 years after Meriwether Lewis came to the city to study with the mentors Thomas Jefferson recommended and to gather supplies for the Expedition.

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The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation 2003 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia
Philadelphia in 2003: the time, place, plans, schedules, photos, memories, and highlights of the Annual Meeting


Philadelphia Chapter: Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation
P. O. Box 273
Blue Bell, PA 19422

CHAPTER MEETING SUNDAY OCTOBER 18, 2015 (rain date October 25)
Tour of Lenape Village
An exciting follow-up to our  January 2015 "Traces of Lenapahoking" program

This will be a hands-on living history experience which will give us an opportunity to travel back in time to the 1500’s to learn firsthand what it was like to live in the Delaware Valley as a Native American just before contact with European settlers. Trained educators dressed in authentic buckskins will show us:

- What kind of medicines the Lenape used and where to find them

- How food was cooked and stored

- What kinds of animals they hunted and uses for all parts of the animal

- How the Lenape made bowls and other artifacts from nature

- How to plant a Three Sisters’ Garden and what foods were foraged

- What kind of houses they lived in and Lenape social structure

- How to make a fire by friction using only natural materials

- How to make rope from natural materials

This experience will be an exciting follow-up to our “Traces of Lenapehoking” program at our January 24th meeting. This program should be very interesting for all ages. Children are welcome!

Board Meeting at 10:00 am
Picnic Lunch at Noon
Tour of Lenape Village: 1:00 pm - 4:00pm
at the
Churchville Nature Center
501 Churchville Lane, Churchville
Bucks County Pa., 18966

Please see our meeting announcement for more details, including lunch choices and maps.

If you plan to attend, call Tom Brady by October 15 at 215-342-7614 between 7:00 PM and 11:00 PM or email him at Please let us know if you will be joining us for lunch.

Cost $10.00, per person, payable at meeting. The $10.00 fee covers admission to the park and the picnic lunch

Link to the park's website
Link to the Directions page on the center's website

Updated September, 2015.

Previous Info...

(March 7, 2014)
The Preservation of Native American Archaeological Sites in Philadelphia
Meeting Information

(May 17, 2014) 
A Cruise and Coach Tour 
Meeting Information

(October 19, 2013)
Surveying & Cartography of the Lewis & Clark Expedition
A presentation by Richard Prestholdt & Lorna Hainesworth
Meeting Information

(June 15, 2013)
Chapter Meeting: America's Premier Surveyor:
The Life and Times of Andrew Ellicott)
Meeting Information

(March 30, 2013)
Chapter Meeting: "Albert Gallatin"
Albert Gallatin (in the person of acclaimed actor Ron Duquette) as he reminisces on his extraordinary life.
Meeting Information

(November 17, 2012)
Chapter Meeting: "God and Angels on the Lewis & Clark Trail"
Gordon Ward
, author of Life on the Shoulder, will discuss how his travels along the Lewis and Clark Trail altered his life and made his faith a permanent reality to him.
Meeting Information

(September 22, 2012)
Chapter Meeting: "What Lewis & Clark Saw: The Natural History of Philadelphia in the 1800's."
An illustrated presentation by Dr. David Hewitt, Academy of Natural Science of Drexel University
Meeting Information

(June 23, 2012)
Chapter Meeting: "The Survey of Washington, D. C.", presentation by Chas Langelan, a retired land surveyor who, besides having held  office in several surveying related professional organizations, is the first private surveyor ever registered by the District of Columbia.
Meeting Information

(October 12, 2011)
Chapter Meeting: "The Root of the Matter: Searching for William Hamilton’s Greenhouse at The Woodlands Estate", presentation by Sarah Chesney, MA PhD Candidate, Historical Archaeology Program, College of William and Mary
Meeting Information

(June 18, 2011)
Chapter Meeting: "Meriwether Lewis at Cumberland Gap, presentation by Lorna Hainesworth with Richard Prestholdt, Walt Jones and Tom Brady
Meeting Information

(March 30, 2011)
Chapter Meeting: "The first reliable account": The Scientific Influence of  Lewis and Clark's Geological Discoveries in the American West, presentation by John Jengo
Meeting Information

(December 7, 2010)
National Park Hearing in Philadelphia on Whether to Extend the Lewis and Clark Trail!
Hearing Information

(November 5, 6 & 7, 2010 )
Regional Meeting - Lewis at Cumberland Gap, 1806
Cumberland Gap National Historic Park & Pine Mountain State Resort Park, Kentuck

Meeting Information

(October 6, 2010)
Chapter Meeting - Two speakers and tour of APS Library’s Treasures and Map Collection:
"Lewis and Clark Astronomical Data—Then and Now" by Charles Reed and Tom Davis
Meeting Information

(June 19, 2010)
Chapter Meeting - Two speakers and a tour of Pennsbury Manor:
"We are Still Here" by Chief Robert Red Hawk Ruth of the Lenape Indians
"The Frame of Government" by Douglas Miller, Historic Site Administrator for Pennsbury
Meeting Information

(March 20, 2010)
Chapter Meeting - Archeologist Douglas Mooney presented:
"In the Shadow of Independence Hall: Archeology Discoveries from the National Constitution Center
Meeting Information

(November 8, 2009)
Chapter Meeting - Robert Miller spoke on Doctrine of Discovery 
Meeting Information

(July 10, 2009)
A Walking Tour - “In the Footsteps” focusing on Frank Muhly's maps and text about the sites, with Bryant Boswell who portrayed Lewis during most of the bicentennial. contact: Richard Prestholdt at 908-625-0877 or

(July 11, 2009)
Chapter Meeting to Focus “Defending the Nation 1784-1811” A lecture by Glenn F. Williams and a Tour of Fort Mifflin
Meeting Information

(March 18, 2009)
Chapter Meeting to Focus on Newly Discovered Letter from Meriwether Lewis
American Philosophical Society Library 105 South Fifth Street , Philadelphia, PA
Meeting Information

(June 21, 2008)
Chapter Meeting at Bartram’s Garden
54th Street and Lindbergh Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19143
Program Schedule

(September 26 – 28, 2008)
Philadelphia Chapter hosts the Regional Meeting in Lancaster, PA
Meeting Description    Meeting Schedule    Meeting Registration Form

(March 21, 2005) The minutes of the March 19 Chapter Meeting, with an introduction to speaker Tom Gralish are now online.

(JANUARY 17, 2005)The minutes and photos of the Saturday, January 15, 2005, Chapter meeting are now online. The Chapter thanks Dick Prestholdt for his fine presentation. His 2005 calendar/minijournal of the expedition can still be ordered.
(JANUARY 4, 2005) The dedication of the Benjamin Smith Barton historical marker was held on Sunday, December 19. The Chapter thanks Norma Milner and the Philadelphia Botany Club for providing refreshments afterward at the National Constitution Center.

(JANUARY 6, 2004) The Chapter's newest member, Lorna Hainesworth, shares some of her impressions of the National Exhibition.

(NOVEMBER 1, 2004) Lewis and Clark in the news today has completed 208 days of daily coverage. Just as the Corps of Discovery settled in North Dakota for the winter, daily news will take a winter break. Watch for occasional appearances.
(OCTOBER 24, 2004) Now available: Jefferson’s Botanists- Lewis and Clark Discover the Plants of the West by Richard McCourt and Earle Spamer of the Academy of Natural Sciences. Click here for information on ordering the book.
(OCTOBER 24, 2004) Chapter Meeting-- Saturday, October 16, 2004
Minutes of the Business Meeting, Program, and Photos-- and a Compliment
(AUGUST 10, 2004) An overview and photos of the Annual Meeting in Bismarck, North Dakota, August 2004.
(JULY 30, 2004)The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission marker honoring Meriwether Lewis's mentor Robert Patterson was dedicated in Philadelphia on Thursday, July 22.
(JUNE 13, 2004) The dedication/unveiling of the Schuylkill Arsenal historical marker took place at 1 PM on June 10 at Grays Ferry Road and Washington Avenue. Jim Helman, a very active participant in nearby communities and editor of Citizens Voice Newsletter (circ. 2500),was host-on-site for the event while Tom Davis represented the chapter. Thanks to Tom Davis for the photo of the sign.
(MAY 28, 2004) Lewis and Clark in the news! You will find links to news articles related to all aspects of the expedition and the bicentennial. The page will be updated daily.

(MARCH 21, 2004) Read the minutes of the March 20, 2004, Chapter Meeting. Geologist (and Chapter member) John Jengo gave a talk on "Mineral Productions of Every Kind: the Geological Education of Meriwether Lewis and Observations of Western Geology in the Journals of Lewis and Clark," accompanied by his slides.

(MARCH 21, 2004) Membership news: More than 75 people have joined or renewed their memberships for 2004. For a complete list of current members, click here. New members are always welcome!
(FEBRUARY 7, 2004) Are you involved in planning programs for schools or libraries? Duet productions is presenting Lewis and Clark Discovering America, a play by Steve Seyfried in which two actors portray a variety of characters as they chart the Expedition's journey across the continent. Costumes, props, humor and music engage audiences from first through eighth grades. For more information visit, email or write to PO Box 153, Oreland, PA, 19075.
(JANUARY 26, 2004) Website sections Especially for Educators, More about Lewis and Clark, and Chapter Membership have been updated. You are invited to check out the reading lists and send additional titles or comments.

Chapter News and News of General Interest, formerly on one page, now each have a page of their own. Click Chapter News or News of General Interest to see the changes as the website begins its fourth year.

(JANUARY 19, 2004) The program presented at the Saturday, January 17, Chapter meeting is described here. For Chapter meeting minutes, click here.

(JANUARY 10, 2004) Chapter members Earle Spamer and Rick McCourt published an article in the Plant Science Bulletin on the Lewis and Clark collection: "The Botanical Legacy of Lewis and Clark: The most famous collection you never heard of." Rick McCourt says, "Although the bulletin is read by botanists mainly, the article would be interesting to the general public (it's a long cold winter remember)." Click here to read this article

The exhibit "Only One Man Died: Medical Adventures on the Lewis and Clark Trail" continues at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia and is also an important resource for eductors. .

(OCTOBER, 2003) Lewis and Clark Distance-Learning Project featured Philadelphia Connections during the webcast videoconference on September 11. The archived program, featuring Frank Muhly, can now be seen here.
The webcast team broadcasts every week from a site along the route. View the schedule here. More information can be found on the St. Charles Discovery Expedition website.

(AUGUST 31, 2003) Memories of the Annual Meeting (with photos)

For more on the Annual Meeting, click on The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation 2003 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

All articles written for the Chapter's Media Kit are archived online. For a list of articles, click here.

Updated October 2010

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